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Almost four years ago I took a picture of a tree reflected in the waters of Sligo Creek. Crossing a small bridge, I was drawn to look over the handrail at the dazzling reflection of a tree in moving waters below me, illuminated by the side-light of a clear and golden evening. I have spent long hours since then walking up and down the creek in all weather, wading in the water in rubber boots, sitting in the stream on a shower stool or walking gingerly on thin ice, searching for other such glimpses of fantastic and ephemeral beauty.

I started this project by shooting whole trees. I still do, but I have recently become fascinated with leaves and how, after falling from their trees, they begin new lives of adventure. Once on their own, they mix with leaves from other trees, ride waves, get caught on rocks and spend time frozen in ice.

My photographs are not digital constructs. While I do adjust light levels and perform other minor tweaks, everything in these photos is there in Sligo Creek. Up close, sometimes with the lens almost in the water, light and shadows and reflections and water and ice behave in ways that can’t be captured with dry feet.

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