Over the past dozen years, and in all seasons, I have been photographing ephemeral beauties in the waters of a little urban stream that runs through Silver Spring and Takoma Park. MD.
The photos are tight compositions of the reflections of trees in, and the movement of leaves through, the creek’s waters. The reflections do not serve simply as mirrors, but as devices to explore the interplay of light and water (or ice).
Up close, sometimes with the lens almost in the water, light and shadows and reflections and water and ice behave in ways that cannot be captured with dry feet.

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Guestbook for Julius Kassovic
Dave O’Neill(non-registered)
Thoroughly enjoyed the updates to your website and living vicariously through your lens. The categories are wonderful to move through from abstract portals to items left in the water that might not belong there.
Michael O'Neill(non-registered)
Julius, I have been fortunate enough to have known you for much of this journey. To see the collection of your photographs from our beloved Sligo Creek Park in one place is a revelation. I find myself scrolling through the slide shows again and again - always savoring the next unique composition. Bravo, my friend.

See you in the park. M
Dear Julius,
Your photos are really beautiful and they speak about who you are. It would be a privilege to go and do some photography together.
Best wishes
Beautiful images. Congratulation for publication in Sixes